Status Update | February 2022
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Status Update | February 2022

by Edric Chan

Look ma it’s another status update about 3 years later! In this post, I’ll cover what I’ve done so far in February 2022 and share my plans for the following month.

What I’ve done this month

  • I’ve been mostly working on StudyBuddy for Android.
  • I’ve also setup some initial project management tools that should hopefully help in reducing the amount of workload.

Existing projects

StudyBuddy for Android

RSS Reader

  • I’ve mostly merged some pull requests related to dependency updates
  • I’ve also renamed the repository to “rss-reader-angular” as I’m planning to maybe work on a Svelte version of the app - stay tuned! :P
    • Note: Existing links to the site should work as expected, but not deep links unfortunately (so for example, would redirect as expected, but not
  • I’ve also attempted to update the dependencies in this app (for e.g. Angular v11 -> v13), but as I’ve not worked on it for a while, there’s been multiple issues (such as version incompatibilities, and an old package-lock.json file) that are blocking me from continuing.

My site

New stuff
  • You may have noticed that the fonts look a bit different now. This is because I’ve recently changed them as the old default looked a bit boring to be honest. As of the time of this writing, the fonts chosen are:
  • Leave feedback down below on what you think of the new site! (And here’s the commit, if you’re interested)
  • And I’ve also added support for editing the page you’re currently seeing on GitHub, if you so choose. (commit)
  • I’ve added tooltips to buttons on the top right of the page. (commit)
  • I’ve finally updated the metadata on this website, as well as updated the version of Material Components for Web to the latest (as of this writing), v13.
  • I’ve also bumped the version of Jekyll used to v4 (see commit)
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a derp where the list of project tags weren’t showing as expected (commit)
  • Simplifies the way that toolbar buttons are done in the template (commit)

New projects 😜

  • I’ve been working on a Svelte version of the hit-game Antimatter Dimensions, but temporarily stopped working on it to focus on other projects.

What I plan to do next month


  • Work on StudyBuddy for Web and StudyBuddy for Android
    • Work on improving the app architecture, as well as the overall user interface/experience
    • Work on improving the performance of the app
  • Work on RSS Reader Angular and maybe a Svelte version as well
    • Add some features like podcast support, and maybe a “read later” feature
  • Fix up any other bugs present on this site
    • Update the metadata on this site


  • Learn a new programming language/framework (Svelte/SvelteKit maybe?)
  • Improve my project management skills
  • Write more blog posts 😜

That’s mostly all, folks! See ya next month!

About Edric Chan

(site owner)

An 18-year-old teenager who self-taught himself to code at the age of 13 with a 2015 Macbook Pro. Currently pursuing DIT at Singapore Polytechnic.

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