Status Update | February
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Status Update | February

by Edric Chan

This is a new form of blog post where I cover what I’ve done so far and plans for the following month. Expect to see this at the end of each month starting from February!

What I’ve done in February

  • I’ve enabled Dependabot on most of my repositories. So far, it’s much better than my previous setup involving Greenkeeper (which does not automatically resolve merge conflicts/rebase with the current project’s files).
  • I’ve created a few projects which include:
  • I’ve continued work on EdricChan03/ngx-ytd-api including restructuring the library by extracting the core functionality to a common entry point, enabled Dependabot and added initial schematics (which are currently not committed).

Plans for March

  • Release of 1.0.0-alpha.5 for EdricChan03/ngx-ytd-api
    • Bump to beta
    • Fix bugs
    • Full schematic support
  • Update my website
    • New blog posts
    • Possible redesign of website
    • Support dark mode
  • New release for EdricChan03/StudyBuddy
  • Initial API for EdricChan03/StudyBuddy-web
    • Update the hosted website
    • TravisCI integration for automatic deploying
  • Take a short break from programming

About Edric Chan

(site owner)

An 18-year-old teenager who self-taught himself to code at the age of 13 with a 2015 Macbook Pro. Currently pursuing DIT at Singapore Polytechnic.

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